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The Beginning

The beginning of our work together signals your awareness of a problem to be addressed and changes to be made. You have decided that in order to move forward  you need to 'fix' or overcome certain obstacles in your life. It is a path of self knowledge and awareness  of who you are and what you are capable of. A path that can offer you a gentler, more positive and loving way to live.


Answers to our struggles lie within us. Only we can know our own inner truth, that which comes from our own heart and mind. This means being faithful to that truth and committing to the path put before you.


As a therapist and a healer I can help guide you through your mental, psychological, and emotional confusion and because of  my unique abilities, to the wisdom of the heart. Taking the journey is your choice,  

It is important that you share your feelings and your expectations when we begin. The outcome of our work together depends on understanding yourself, your experiences and how they have led you to seeking help.  A satisfying completion of our work depends on your personal commitment and our partnership together.

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