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“Somehow we must find the willingness and the courage to open ourselves to true relationship so that we can become….. open to true intimacy. Whether through a relationship with another human being, with the environment or simply with our own self the invitation is to come into this true intimacy, this profound sense of human connection.” 

~Adyashanti, Falling from Grace

Life is all about relationships–with others, ourselves, our work, and the world around us. Connection is a key to relationships that nourish and fulfill. Discovering our connections helps us know we are not alone. Our emphasis on relationships and their significance is a spiritual journey that illuminates solutions and the desired path to happiness.  

Most couples want to heal their relationship. They just donʼt know how. My focus with couples is on supporting the love that they have for one another. Often couples forget and need to be reminded that they are not adversaries, but partners who care deeply for one another. When couples are called upon to remember the positive aspects of their marriage they can actually deepen their commitment to one another. It is an exciting process.

I help couples learn how to improve their communication, gain tools to resolve disagreements and to better understand how each other thinks and feels. Even more than that, I help them learn about intimacy. Emotional intimacy, as well as physical and spiritual intimacy, is typically the hidden goal: How to be closer to one another, how to receive and give love. I help facilitate a sense of calm and safety so couples are more willing to risk sharing feelings.


It works.

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