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(*These services are not covered by insurance)


Hands On Energy Healing

Connecting our thoughts and feelings along with our spiritual beliefs helps us live in a unified way. Being unified through a positive and compassionate view of oneself is living through the vision of our hearts. How loving and caring is that?

How does this happen?

Vibrational energy is a natural phenomenon that occurs in all human beings. For years research has shown that people's energy can be measured by medical instruments. For instance, documenting heart rate with electrocardiograms, and brain wave movements with electro-encephalograms are common. As a professional energy therapist, I trained for 4 years to learn how to connect with my clients by being in synch with their energy. I have learned to resonate energetically, similarly to how therapists learn to resonate psychologically or emotionally with clients. Energy is another level of connection.

My approach

I create a deeply relaxing state for my clients which helps their energy slow down. Clients can then experience a pleasant, calm state of being. They are often less agitated, more open to expanded thinking, new ideas that question the status quo, and willing to change.

Sometimes I will call this "enlightened energy work "because it encompasses clearing and balancing the energy field of negativity. Negativity blocks clear thinking and the ability to love. As clearing occurs, inner light has room to emerge and a client can hold positive feelings of hope and potential to heal.  

I have over 35 years of formal training, multiple workshops, and years of experience to enhance my physical, spiritual, and conscious awareness.  This has allowed me and can offer you the opportunity to take in more light and joy, instead of pain and struggle. We always want the balance to be in favor of what is positive, and fulfilling. compassionate, in favor of the heart.


Non-Dual Healing


Non-dual healing and awakening help you become aware of unconscious information that is hidden and energetically blocked from your consciousness. It is a special technique that helps the mind to trust, relax, open and understand what keeps you stuck. It helps all aspects of your thinking to be available to you. The negative, the positive, and the creative can be used to manifest new outcomes.

It also underscores the importance of the relationship that you have with yourself. It helps bridge the connection from the part of you that doesn't 'see' the hidden issues to your true self, that place deep within that is aware and uncovers the truth with complete compassion. When you tap into your truth by connecting to a deeper truth you can free yourself of constraints that keep you stuck and experience what is possible.

Long Distance Healing


Since vibrational energy is not limited to one place but is experienced over a distance, long-distance work is quite effective. We are all intimately connected to the earth and each other.  We have feelings outside ourselves. We care deeply for our families, our homes, our animals, and our country and we have compassion and pray for people who suffer all over the world. These are long-distance emotional and spiritual connections that vibrate energy. Similarly to animals who find their way home from one state to another or birds that migrate from north to south or even the navigation of whales or dolphins in the ocean.
I believe that animals are tuned into a vibrational signature that they connect to and it guides them home. Whether we view this connection to all mankind and the world as energy, science, God, or Source or all of the above, it exists. I have received personal long-distance healings from healers out of state for years and they have been a wonderful help to me

Because I have learned in my 35 years of work and study in the healing field how to work with deep energy systems I can help my clients at a distance. I have had clients in Europe, Canada as well as throughout the US. I regularly work with clients in different states.

Now that Zoom and inexpensive phone connections are available I am able to work with clients internationally as well.

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