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Gail Ludwig-Vogler, LCSW



Welcome Everyone!  


I offer you a unique opportunity to find solutions to your problems.

My specialties includes helping individuals and couples improve their relationships and solve their life problems.  I have a unique ability to bring clarity to the issues that cause difficulty and zero in on strategies needed to heal.  My skills include knowing how to promote communication and deepen connections between  partners.


My credentials:

Graduated with a Bachelor in Nursing, Masters in Health Education and a Masters in Social Work, 2 year graduate diploma as a Psychotherapist from the Advanced School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy,  4 year Diploma from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science, 4 year Diploma with Jason Schulman's School for Non-Dual Healing.  


Why choose me?

Do you ever say "I feel overwhelmed,  I am so unhappy,  I feel stuck".  These are general complaints but often, there is a more specific, underlying reason for these feelings.  Because my work helps to develop a partnership of trust with each client, it enables discovery of what is hidden.  The sessions can be powerful and can have a profound effect.  Your commitment along with our work together determines your desired outcome.

My approach

I invite and encourage you to discuss what you wish to accomplish in our work together.  It is important to identify your goals.  Then as you begin your healing journey I can help you connect to the inner wisdom that emerges from the physical/psychological world as well as, the spiritual /energetic world.  Since in life we exist in all of these worlds simultaneously, each of these levels of existence informs us of our reality. Often clients will ask  "How can I improve my life? How can I feel better? Answers are available and over time you can learn to access them.


We are born with a soul encoded with sacred wisdom.  I believe that the soul holds the blueprint for life, of who we truly are and why we are here. When we are involved in the process of being present with life, meaning we exist not only in our thoughts and emotions, but we are connected as one to our heart and spirit, we are open to receiving the message of the soul.  To initiate change from a stuck path to one that is more freeing, where we can move forward, we need to understand how our levels of existence, our history and our present life influence how we think, feel and believe.  My approach helps you engage in this process.


What typically emerges is the realization of what our life is, the good, the bad, the hidden truth and the ultimate beauty and wonder as well.  It is from this confusion, this mix of negative and positive that we can actually discover who we really are, our personal strengths and potential to heal.  Every person has in them the natural desire and ability to heal and to grow and so therapy with me is all about:  personal discovery, positive affirmation and personal growth.

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