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Answers to our problems and the path to happiness lie within us. I’ll help you to access your inner wisdom and guide you through the confusion to your heart.

Inner truth means accessing the information from your inner self that has the answers you seek. It also means being faithful to that truth and committing to the path put before you.

Gaining information from our internal self emerges from the physical/ psychological world and from connecting to the spiritual/ energetic world. Since we exist in each of these worlds simultaneously, each of these worlds informs us of reality.

To begin to change our path from a blocked path to one that allows us to move forward we need to know how we think feel and believe.

We are born with a soul encoded with sacred wisdom. The soul can inform us of who we truly are and why we are here. Often people ask me", "What is my purpose?", "I need to know”. It is important to them. Answers are there for us. When we are involved in the process of being present with life and can connect to our true internal self we are informed by the soul’s wisdom. What typically emerges in this process is the realization of what life is, the good and the bad, the truth and with that the beauty and wonder of life. It is from this messy conflicted polarized yet completely perfect and absolutely loving existence we actually can find our purpose.

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